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Regular readers of Perceptive Travel will know that we love food (and wine and beer) almost as much as we love travel.

Over the years, we’ve written about quirky and out of the way diners, street food, craft beer, hunting haggis, oyster shucking, extreme cuisine, plus wine festivals, beers festivals, and yes, even wild food festivals.

Brian’s even dedicated a whole series of articles on Must Eat Food in Bangkok.

Like I said, here at Perceptive Travel, we do love our food.

So it’s probably not all that surprising that I spent most of this last weekend studying Lonely Planet’s Food Lovers Guide to the World, looking for new places to take my taste buds in 2013.

A beautifully presented coffee table book, The Food Lover’s Guide to the World offers up one culinary adventure after another.

It’s 300 pages of pure food porn that will have you wanting to simple pack your bags, hitch a ride, and start tasting amazing foods from every corner of the world.

You might not be able to smell the food but the pictures provide plenty of hints as to what you might taste and smell if you did actually find yourself eating, say, bite-sized dumplings in Shanghai or Tibet.

Chapters in the book are divided by country and region, with various sidebars covering everything from cooking classes, markets, and festivals around the world.

If I were to plan my travels for 2013 based on this book, I think I’d like to…

  •  drink tea at the 150 year old Hu Xin Ting Teahouse that is situated in the middle of a lake in Shanghai’s Huangpu District, or
  •  eat macarons at the Laduree pastry shop in Paris, or
  •  join in the 10 day Cioccolato festival in Turin, Italy’s chocolate capital, or
  • try street food at Djema el-Fna in Mararakesh, or
  • discover Lebanon’s wine trail

Of course, that’s just a taster of what I could do if I traveled the world using The Food Lover’s guide to the World for suggestions and direction.

Not able to travel?  No problem. The book also provides plenty of recipes to tackle.

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