Going Vegan in Vegas

Las Vegas has always struck me as a steak and fries kind of place.

And in a city where steakhouses are as common as slot machines, poker tables, and showgirls, you’d think that veganism would be a pretty tough sell.

In actual fact, it’s not.

Turns out, there’s plenty of places in Vegas for vegan dining. It’s just they’ve not always been in plain sight.

Vegan dining options have slowly becoming more well known, thanks in some part to Steve Wynn of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas who converted to  vegan and then arranged for all the restaurants in his hotels offer vegan menus.

Blogger Paul Graham has also been working hard to expose Sin City’s healthy dining options with his ‘Eating Vegan in Vegas’ blog.

For 365 days, Paul ate his way around Las Vegas, discovering restaurants and cafes that catered for vegans (and anyone interested in healthy eating).

From the beginning, Paul’s mission was not to be a food critic but a food encourager, someone who was passionate about plant-based dining.

Browsing the blog’s archives, it’s clear to see that Paul achieved his mission.  For a year, he ate, drank, and wrote his way around Las Vegas, visiting the strip and the suburbs. He discovered restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and delis that serve a huge array for choices, from vegan burgers, vegan tacos, and vegan pizza to vegan peanut butter chocolate cake, vegan marble waffles, and  vegan apple fritters.

Turns out it’s actually quite easy to be vegan in Vegas.

You just have to know where to look.

And the Eating Vegan in Vegas is blog is a great starting point.

The Sullivan Street Press sure seem to think so. They’ve partnered with Paul Graham to create the Eating Vegan in Vegas e-book. This soon to be released e-book will combine the story of Paul’s 365 day eating challenge with a comprehensive guidebook to vegan restaurants in and around Las Vegas.

Sounds like just the ticket for anyone wanting to eat healthy in Sin City.

(Welcome to Las Vegas image via stevendepolo / flickr)


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