The November edition of Perceptive Travel Webzine


As usual, the latest edition of Perceptive Travel takes us way off the beaten track.

In Syria in My Heart, new contributor Judith Fein (author of Life is a Trip) writes about a place that no one, sadly, will be rushing back to in a hurry. Ongoing political unrest and horrific violence has decimated the country’s growing tourism industry.

Writing about a trip taken three years ago, Judith reminisces about Crusader castles, covered souks, and ancient history. But mostly, she remembers those she met along the way and wonders about their wellbeing.

On the other side of the world, regular contributor Bruce Northam skips the cruise ship ports and sealed-off resorts that the Caribbean is known and as a result discovers a spiced-up Caribbean in Granada.

Remembered by many Americans as the place the place that the US Marines stormed back in 1983 to end a bloody coup, Granada isn’t your usual tourist destination. But as Bruce points out, those who do find their way to this spice island will discover a place full of flavor and life.

Stateside, editor Tim Leffel heads to South Beach, Miami and discovers that while No One’s Too Sexy for Miami, a few days of perfect bodies and the continual onslaught of sexual imagery might just be too much of a good thing. But as Tim also discovers, there’s just no escaping it.

In this month’s travel book review column, William Caverlee focuses on road trips and housesitting. And the world music review column has Graham Reid tapping his toes to sounds from Cuba, Greece, and Balkans.

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