The Sea as a Race Course: Super Boats off of Clearwater Beach

superboat race

Have you ever sat on your oceanfront balcony, looked out at the shining sea, and thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a high-speed boat race out there?”

Well, me either, but if you’re a big NASCAR fan the thought may have crossed your mind and the Super Boat race organizers are here to make your dream come true. A few weeks back, I found myself on the balcony of a 16th floor suite at the Hyatt Clearwater in Florida, drinking a few Corona beers courtesy of event sponsor Bright House Cable, and watching some very fast super boats rip it up right offshore. The Clearwater Super Boat races were on.

That video kind of says it all: the kinds of boats you see in the movies, usually manned by some badass drug smugglers or some heroes trying to catch them, racing around on a giant “track” offshore. The Clearwater Beach pier extends out right up to it though, so those people on the end probably got splashed. And probably wished they had brought earplugs.

This race burns a lot of fuel, of course, which is not great for our planet and there’s probably some environmental effects from all that exhaust. I’m hoping for a day when we have high-powered electric boats that are like Teslas on the water. Since most people who gravitate to load engines and belching smoke tend to close their eyes to our planet’s downward environmental spiral, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. At least you can get around this stretch of Tampa Bay without a car though once you make it here.

This was the end of September and as you can see from this beach photo, still gorgeous and great for swimming. The Super Boats event after this one is in Key West in November, but for next year you can catch one on a lake in Indiana and off the coast of…New York City. See the race schedule at

Florida beach

If you’re not into super boats that make this look like NASCAR on the water, come to Clearwater any other week and find a beach that really does rank among the best in the world. I’ve been to a lot of sandy spots on five continents and this stretch of coast is pretty tough to top. White sand, warm water, no riptides. See the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce site or the Visit St. Pete Clearwater site.

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