Soaking Up Your Boozy Weekend Sins in North Brooklyn

Lobster Rancheros

There are two proven ways to eradicate the previous night’s overindulgence,¬†one painful and the other gluttonous but both wholly effective, after rolling out of bed with a throbbing headache and whiskey shot-scented cotton mouth.

One is pop a couple ibuprofen, guzzle a few glasses of water, and get out the door and suffer through as long of a run as you can stand. It’ll feel like torturous lunacy for at least a few miles, but by the time you’re done you feel ten times better and, hey, you burn off some of the beers and drunk food you barely remember eating before passing out, too. The other way is the easier way, the piling-sins-on-sins one, the gut bomb one: rich, greasy, terrible-for-you brunch.

Unlike North Brooklyn’s running shortage of quality Korean, the area is fairly long on satisfying brunch options, not surprising given its high population of affluent overdrinkers. There are the overrated (Egg, Harefield Road, my own personal hell on earth known as Enid’s), the underrated (Teddy’s Bar & Grill, Florentina’s, Oak Restaurant & Wine Bar), and the appropriately well rated (Five Leaves, Brooklyn Label, Cafe Colette), but in my book you won’t find a better, more satisfying option anywhere in North Brooklyn than Lobster Joint, whose agreeably messy stroke of brunch bonne bouche known as the lobster rancheros does the job better than any other.

Served in a shallow tin bowl and optionally accompanied by a Bloody Marymimosa or super-salty lobster claw bloody mary — the latter beautifully presented with a dill pickle spear, celery stalk, toothpicked olives, wedges of lime and lemon, and a healthy hunk of fresh lobster claw meat — the lobster rancheros is a heaven-sent hangover panacea from the merciful drinking gods. Made with refried beans, guacamole, scallions, pico de gallo, a sunny side-up egg and generous heaps of lobster meat piled onto a fried flour tortilla, this is a mess best mixed together like paints on a palette and gobbled up like a hungry hippo.

Additional options for Lobster Joint’s weekend $19 prix-fixe brunch special are an only slightly less-rich fried oyster scramble, served with lightly crisped potatoes topped with caramelized onions; crab and asparagus omelette (a little dry); mushroom fritatta; and angus-beef burger. Nothing on the menu at this Greenpoint gem has ever disappointed, but during brunch the clear-cut winner is the lobster rancheros. Go back to delve deeper into the expertly done — and well-priced — seafood menu during the weekday happy hour from 4pm to 7pm, which includes $4 craft beers on draft, $1 oysters, and the best lobster deal in town.

The choice is yours next time late-night, inebriated karaoke at The Trash Bar or jukebox-hoarding over cans of Bud chased with warm shots of pissy whiskey at The Subway Bar wreck havoc on your weekend morning: run it off or eat it off. Lobster Joint’s lobster rancheros, however, make for a fairly persuasive argument to take the easy way out and complement one overindulgence with another.

Lobster Joint is located at 1073 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint/Brooklyn, NY. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 4pm. 718-389-8990. Full menu here.

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