Kiwi travel writers at home and away

New Zealanders love to travel, which, when you think about it, is kind of ironic. After all, their national bird is the shy, non-flying Kiwi that prefers darkness to light.

But unlike the Kiwi bird, the human Kiwi, as anyone who has meet one abroad will attest, is anything but shy.

Found traipsing through jungles, climbing mountains, wandering along urban streets, lazing on beaches, paddling along rivers, or just sitting in cafes and bars on city sidewalks, these Kiwi are full of energy and enthusiasm for all things relating to travel.

Home & Away, a new travel writing anthology published by Travcom, New Zealand’s only professional association of travel media (writers, photographers, broadcasters, and communicators), shows just how much New Zealander’s like their travel.

It’s the first in what I hope will be an annual (or maybe biannual) collection of award winning travel stories written by New Zealand travel writers, including one by regular Perceptive Travel contributor Graham Reid who writes about travels to Honiara, the dusty and humid Solomon Island’s capital.

The 35 travel stories chosen for this edition have all been published before but only in New Zealand newspapers and magazines.

And while there are stories about places and experiences all over the world, it’s the eight stories featuring New Zealand that will perhaps interest overseas readers the most. Covering the length and breadth of New Zealand, these stories show the diversity and beauty of the land and it’s people.

The official Home & Away book launch is tomorrow, but to get a taste of what’s in the book, check out this NZ Herald article that offers a selection of excerpts from the book.

(disclaimer: The writer was provided with a review copy of Home & Away)




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