Scotland in a different light

Andy Hall is a photographer. He is also a man with a deep love for the land of his native Scotland. He’s chosen a creative way of sharing that in his book A Sense of Belonging to Scotland: he asked a range of Scots, from actors to politicians to musicians to people in business, what their favorite place in Scotland was.

Hall then spent time and miles and thought to photograph these places, and asked each person to write a short bit about why they love the place. Their words go alongside the photographs. There are city views and places in the Highlands, beaches and coastline (If you’ve not thought of Scotland in connection with beaches and water, these will open your eyes), waterfalls, forests, and fields. Both words and photographs will add new dimensions to your understanding of Scotland.

“Andy’s photograph does what all good photographs should do — catch the subject off guard. In the dead of winter, snow -covered, more beautiful than anyone could possibly expect, with only a few lonely footsteps to betray a solitary visitor.” — entertainer Ricky Ross on Lunan Bay, Angus

“Looking at the photographs of the shipyard cranes invading the skyline evokes wonderful memories. Look how serene the picture is and then you look back and realise that the very heartbeat of the Clyde is missing — the ships… This picture represents the ghost of the Clyde, and yet a wonderful image of its past. I can’t help but feel the sadness and pride at being one of its sons.” — sportsman Sir Alec Ferguson on Govan, Glasgow

“…I took a wander and had my first meeting with highland waters… It still defies my ken, how something so dark and powerful can instill in me such a sense of peace, tranquility, and wonder…” — musician Phil Cunningham, on Pattack Falls, Strathmashie, Badenock

“I know there are grander beaches in Scotland, where the sands are whiter, the water more blue, but for me Kilbride is not only a place of beauty, it’s got soul.” — broadcaster Jackie Bird on Kilbride Bay, Cowal

Photograph by Kerry Dexter. Thank you for respecting copyright.
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