The July edition of Perceptive Travel webzine

The July edition of Perceptive Travel webzine will transport armchair traveler around the world, stopping in Russia, Ireland and Vietnam along the way.

Riding a small motorcycles overloaded with everything but the kitchen sink might be the norm for the locals, but for tourists, the ebb and flow of scooter traffic just seems like something too dangerous for the uninitiated. First time Preceptive Travel contributor Debi Goodwin, however, decides to feel the fear and do it anyway, and discovers the chaos and grace of riding a scooter in Vietnam.

Frequent contributor Bruce Northam takes a more sedate journey to Ireland with his Mom in search of Ireland’s convent lifestyle. It was both a trip down memory land and a quest to discover what might have happened if Bruce’s mother had, as her family had planned, joined the Catholic convent instead of raising a family.

James Michael Dorsey discovers some realities of Russian life while wandering the streets and visiting the home of a post Cold War-child in St Petersburg.

New Zealander Graham Reid features a mad happy marching band, prog-rock, and old school palm wine music in this month’s world music review column.

And in the monthly travel book review column, William Caverlee features three books that focus on food porn, confessional travel, and travel memoir.

Editor Tim Leffel has come through yet again with some great travel gear for this month’s giveaway.

The Breathable Nylon Travel Hat, a unisex hat from Canadian company Tilley, is a must have travel accessory, especially during this year’s sizzling hot summer.

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