Brave the film, Scotland the real

The landscape of Scotland is as much character as it is backdrop in the film Brave. An artist’s idea of Scotland, that is, as Brave is an animated film.

Speaking as someone who has spent good chunks of her life in Scotland, I’ll say the landscape works. The story itself, a tale set in ancient times and focused around the actions of feisty and fiery haired young princess Merida as she seeks to walk a different path than the one that’s expected of her, works too.

Should the film have you dreaming of or remembering a trip to Scotland, you might want to

revisit Music, castles, Mars bars, fireballs: Stonehaven, Scotland in which I introduce you to one of the real castles which was used as inspiration for Merida’s home in the film

take a look at a real mountain and glen in the western Highlands. Yes, they really do look like that.

read advice from Sarah-Jane Summers, a fiddle player and composer whose family history in the Highlands of Scotland goes back for centuries, on the the most beautiful places to explore in the Highlands

learn about Julie Fowlis, whose singing in Scottish Gaelic was used to set the atmosphere of the trailers made to introduce Brave

Here’s a taste of what the film is like. The voice you hear singing during the last thirty seconds or so of this is Julie Fowlis.

I’ve written about Scotland quite often here at Perceptive Travel, from seeing one of Europe’s greatest reference libraries as both a scholarly resource and a part of its neighborhood in Glasgow to the role of Scottish Gaelic in everyday life to the many varieties of Scotland’s music..

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the photograph is by Kerry Dexter and is copyrighted. thank you for respecting this.

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