I Need Bags

Haiku Tribute Bag

I’m in full-on, flat-out, no-one-can-stop-me, can’t-think-of-anything-else bag shopping mode.

My very expensive roll aboard suitcase broke over a year ago. It did not go quietly into that good night: the handle sheared off mid-trip, in the middle of boarding in fact, sending me on a mad quest for duct tape.

Ever since I’ve been using my back-up bag. This is an incredibly cheap roll aboard that I bought well over a decade ago.  I keep waiting for it to fall apart so I can give it a Viking funeral, but in its basics the damned thing is indestructible.  At this point, most of the zipper pulls are gone. It’s also the least balanced bag in the entire history of luggage. It won’t stand upright on its own, a fact which I forget. Constantly.

So I need the new roll aboard. I also need a new toiletry case. I had been using this floral pouch thing that I’ve had since college, but it got filled up with I’m not even sure what, and so one morning while I was packing for a trip, I fished out the few things I needed, ran around the house cursing — and then shoved everything into a freezer bag. (I tend to go a little insane when I’m packing.)  This has been my less than ideal solution for the past six months.

Arguably, my least urgent need was for a new handbag. There’s really nothing wrong my Kate Spade go-to, other than I’ve had it for a couple of years and I’m getting tired of looking at it. So naturally, this least urgent problem is the one I tackled first. Above is my new bag, purchased this morning from Zappos.  It’s Haiku brand, made from recycled bottles. (Not really balancing out the carbon emissions I create by jetting all over the world, but hey.) It has pockets, adequate space for notebook and camera, and apparently it has some sort of a poem written on its side. We’ll see if it will be all I’ve dreamt it will be.

I’m flying out again on Monday, so I’m really going to have sort out the rest of this soon, or I’m going to be spending a week in the Middle East with a new handbag, old tippy luggage and a freezer bag.

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