Tourism Queensland’s search for the world’s best bloggers

Three years on from running the ‘best job in the world’ campaign, Tourism Queensland is once again searching for some of the world’s best bloggers to come visit.

Not only do they want them to come visit, Tourism Queensland wants to cover all the costs.

In return, all the chosen bloggers have to do is spend five days experiencing and promoting the Great Barrier Reef through their stories, videos, and photographs.

According to Tourism Queensland’s CEO Andrew Hayes, this will be one tough gig.

After all, the “…successful bloggers [will be] tasked with spending a few hours blogging on a tropical island or under the canopy of the world’s oldest rainforest daily”

Of course, they will also have to spend time wandering around Australia’s natural playground, experiencing everything that the region has to offer.

Plus they get to meet and work with top Australian blogger Darren Rowse, founder of  Darren will be running two intense training workshops for the ‘Queensland Blogger Correspondents’

So, do you think you’re tough enough to cope with all this?

Then head on over to problogger,net and fill in the application form.

But you’d better hurry applications close at 23.59 (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday 17th April 2012.

(flickr image by Damien Dempsey)

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