The April edition of Perceptive Travel magazine

In Las Vegas for the 99%, Editor Tim Leffel heads to sin city to find out whether normal people can still find cheap joy in a city that now seems intent on marketing itself as predominantly a ‘world of luxury suites, celebrity restaurants, VIP club lounges, and haute boutiques’.

Meanwhile, Becky Garrison crisscrosses the Jordan River, looking for baptismal beauty and beatitude in an area that nowadays appears hyper-commercialzed.

And Jillian Dickens heads to Italy to harvest her adopted olive tree and learn about the joys of transforming olives into olive oil.

The monthly world music reviews by Laurence Mitchell features another diverse collection of albums ranging from African blues to Iranian jazz fusion.

As for the monthly travel book review column, Susan Griffith looks at three books that focus on rail journey

With the arrival of Spring, the Perceptive Travel giveaway focuses on the outdoors. The great footwear company Ecco is giving away a pair of serious hiking boots: the Ecco Kolyma II leather mids with Gore-tex. These retail for more than $200, so this is going to be a great score for someone who is heading to the great outdoors.

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