Carnival of Cities for 23 February 2012

Carnival of Cities logoWelcome to the Carnival of Cities blog carnival, where we tour the world in a single post, via submissions from a variety of different blogs, all about any aspect of one, single city or fair-sized town.

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Off we go….

Cities in Europe

Lisbon, Portugal Sarah presents Lisbon Romance posted at Natsumi.

Zagreb, Croatia Anwar presents Touring the Museum of Broken Relationships posted at Beyond My Front Door, saying, “A tour of the museum of broken relationships in Zagreb Croatia.”

Paris, France Shirley Lewis presents 10 Irresistible Paris Pastries (and Where to Eat them) posted at The Flying Fugu, saying, “A mouth watering article on the most famous Parisian pastries, the stories behind the cakes and where in Paris to go find the best ones!”

Berlin, Germany Adam Groffman presents Inside the German Reichstag dome by Norman Foster posted at Travels of Adam, saying, “Photos from inside the dome and information about the free tour of the German Reichstag in Berlin.”

London, United Kingdom Violeta-Loredana Pascal presents What to Do on the Cheap in East London posted at Travel – Moments in Time, saying, “It is a guest post by a former resident of East London with many tips and tricks useful for anyone visiting London.”

Cities in Australia and New Zealand

Perth, Australia AbundantJourneys presents Perth: Getting the Most of the Sunniest City in Australia posted at Life Is Full of Bloom.

Cities in Asia

Mumbai, India Keshav Arya presents Crawford Market: If You Can Buy It, They Probably Sell It posted at Mumbai Mornings, saying, “A Blog Post on Crawford Market, One of Mumbai’s finest attractions”

Cities in the Americas

Dallas, Texas, USA Tui Snider presents Tips for Visiting the Dallas Arboretum posted at Mental Mosaic: Even Home is a Travel Destination, saying, “There is always something blooming at the Dallas Arboretum as you can see from this photo essay written after a mid-winter visit to this beautiful Texas park.”

Cheney, Kansas, USA Lynn Woolf presents Why is this small-town Main Street not dead? posted at From Sand Creek, saying, “This post is a look at why Cheney, KS, with a population of about 2,000, has a thriving Main Street.”

São Paulo, Brazil Katie Sorene presents 6 Surprising Things You Never Knew about São Paulo posted at Travel Blog – Tripbase, saying, “It’s not all about Rio. Have a read of these surprising Sao Paulo facts and you might find yourself heading to the helicopter highway.”

Mill Valley, California, USA Byteful Travel presents Muir Woods Review: Secrets of the Primeval Redwood Forest posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “When was the last time you saw a thousand years in a single glance? Have you ever seen how a dying relic can bring new life? Today, you will. The Magic of Travel stayed with me as I was practically swept up into visiting the Muir Woods National Park which contains one of the planet’s last remaining primeval forests, complete with one of the tallest species of trees in the world: the Coast Redwoods. It was life-changing.”

That concludes this edition, and thanks very much for visiting.

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