The February edition of Perceptive Travel

From the eccentric to the spiritual to the dangerous, this latest edition of the award winning Perceptive Travel webzine provides armchair traveller with thought provoking travel stories.

Regular contributor Bruce Northam kicks off this edition of Perceptive Travel webzine with A Different State of Mine in Canada’s Yukon Territory, discovering his own inner grown-up in the place full of ‘bearded brew-sippers, sassy female bartenders sporting armpit hair, and at-home First Nations artists’.


In Setting Foot on Celtic Sod, Becky Garrison’s traveler’s pilgrimage to Glendolough takes an unexpected turn when the quiet and deserted ruins she heads off to visit appears, at first glance, to be nothing more than an overcrowded tourist trap.


In No Salad Days at the Buenos Aires Thieves Market, Camille Cusumano has to cross over a river of toxic garbage to experience the world’s largest illegal market.

Editor Tim Leffel covers this month’s world music reviews, looking at some albums from  Brazilian and Central Africa.

And another regular contributor Susan Griffith writes this month’s travel book reviews.

Plus, as usual, there is some free stuff to win. This month’s grab bag will be a pair of

travel chopsticks from Grand Trunk, a set of three Dry Organizer Sacs from Innate, and a Survival Medic kit from Adventure Medical.

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