Quiet moments: Western Highlands of Scotland

The road to Fort William, in the western highlands of Scotland, travels along the banks of Loch Lomond and rises up through the mountains near Glen Coe. The road, and the weather, are ever changing, offering landscapes such as this one

That ever changing weather and that winding road are two reasons I choose to do this journey with Citylink, the bus service which has routes covering most of Scotland. If you’re thinking wait, I’ve not had the best experiences with travel by bus, I’ll say that I’ve found Citylink coaches (that’s what long distance buses are called in Scotland) to be comfortable and clean, and usually on time, and the people who run them to be friendly and professional. Traveling this route by Citylink also puts you in touch with local people gong about their travels for work, school, and family in a way taking a tour does not. There are several schedules which allow you to travel this road as a day trip from Glasgow — the trip takes about three hours one way — or if you wish, the route from Glasgow continues on further up into the Highlands and all the way to Skye in the Inner Hebrides.

Watching the landscape unfold is reason enough to travel this road. Fort William is a center for mountain adventure and outdoor activity, located between the shores of Loch Linne and Scotland’s highest peak. Ben Nevis. so there are many things to explore there, as well. Among them are an annual festival of mountain themed films, mountain biking competitions in the summer, and contemporary and traditional music in its pubs and clubs all year round.

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