Los Angeles through a camera lens

Eastern Columbia Outfitting Company, now lofts, in downtown Los Angeles (by Sheila Scarborough)Have you ever been on a photowalk?

I first heard someone talking about one during a tech conference …. a bunch of photography enthusiasts who were also conference attendees went out exploring as a group for an hour or two, usually in the morning or evening for best light.

The walk was at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, so the eye candy was all around.

In Los Angeles, the tourism office knows how important visuals are to the LA visitor experience, and their Los Angeles Photo of the Day blog is hugely popular. They also periodically host photowalks with local photographers.

One event used the standard hop-on, hop-off LA tourist bus tour – a great way to visit a lot of iconic, interesting places in a short period of time.

Enjoy the video below (direct link on YouTube) and see if your own local tourism office would like to host a photowalk.

They’ll probably want participants to sign over rights to the photos taken – so they can use them in marketing your town – but if you’re OK with that, it should be a fun experience.

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