Perceptive Travel Blog 2011: A Random Selection of Posts Chosen with No Meaningful Critiera

This is the time of year when most writers would rather not be writing — and so there are a host of “best of” “worst of” and “insert-superlative-here” year in review lists appearing in blogs, magazines, newspapers.

I’ve read a bunch of them and believe this summary applies universally: 2011 was great, it sucked, but keep reading me/us anyway because basically I/we deserve congratulations for existing. Optional post-filler: here are the things I/we plan to do in 2012, it will be a heckuva year!

It’s all rather tiring.

But hey. I’m as averse to working in the last week of the year as any writer, so rather than trying to come up with some sort of a clever concept for repackaging old stories, I decided to enlist my favorite force in all the world: randomness.

Using a random number generator, I shall now pick a post by each Perceptive Travel blogger. First, I’ll randomly select a week of the year, from 1-52.  Since most of us only contribute once weekly, that should be criteria enough. If there happens to be more than one post from a blogger in that week, I’ll flip a coin.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you please: The Random Guide to Perceptive Travel blog’s 2011:

I should add that our Dear Leader (Tim) also contributes here —  however, since he lacks his own category in our navigation (right)  I’m afraid I’m way too lazy on a holiday week to try to figure out how to fit his posts into my randomness scheme.

But perhaps he will be mollified by my random selection of a piece from the webzine.  (Method: I randomly chose a month from 1-12, landing on November. Then counted the articles in the issue — 5 — and randomly selected a number from 1-5.)

The big random winner:

Goldi-Lox and the Three Bears in Western Canada, by David Lee Drotar.


And with that, let’s all move on to 2012. I’m sure it will be one heckuva year.






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