A Christchurch Christmas Tale


In Christchurch, New Zealand it’s the day after Christmas
and all through the house, no one is moving,
not even the house.

It had been a different sight just two days before
when the ground started shaking
and we all ran, yet again, for the door.

The Christmas tree, decorated so beautifully just that morning,
jumped up in the air and fell on it’s side,
It’s decorations scattered far and wide.

Shocked and dismayed, we yelled and we screamed
at Mother Nature ‘to please just leave us be’.
After thousands of shakes over this past year,
surely, especially around Christmas, we deserved a reprieve.

A break in the shakes all that we requested,
instead what we got was simply stronger shakes
causing many more breaks and many more tears
in the homes throughout this broken town.

But despite this latest shake sequence
Santa didn’t let us down
There might not be any chimneys left in this town
but still Santa managed to deliver and on time.

Kids, big and small, awoke to the sight
of Xmas trees glowing with glitter and lights
standing perfectly upright
And with plenty of Santa presents hidden underneath.

Gifts were exchanged with much laughter and tears,
and Mother Nature decided to play nice
by limiting her multiple shakes and tremors
To only magnitude four or three.

And so now it’s the day after Christmas
And all through the house,
No one is stirring
Not even the house.

And everyone in Christchurch no doubt
now has but one wish –¬†for a shake-free New Year!




  1. Heather - the kiwitravelwriter December 25, 2011
  2. Liz Lewis December 26, 2011

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