Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time of anticipation, of reflection, a time when the hurry to do last minute needed things quiets into hush. That’s true whether the Christmas story is part of your faith, or not. Whether the Christmas story is part of your story of faith or not it is also a holiday of travelers, both people today making long and short journeys, and in another time shepherds coming down from the hills, wise men coming from from far away, and a husband and wife seeking shelter on a night in Bethlehem.

Máire Mhac an tSaoi is an Irish poet, diplomat, and scholar who in her eight decades and counting has often been one who breaks new ground both for those writing in Irish, and earlier in her career, for women writers in Ireland. One of her best loved poems is Oiche Nollag, Christmas Eve, She reads it in Irish to go along with the images in this video. The words in English are part of the visuals.

You might also like to see this story about history of Christmas wreaths — there’s an Irish connection–and this piece about customs, traditions, and what to expect at Christmas in Ireland. Do you know where Santa Claus first sets foot in Ireland? There’s a tip for you about that when you follow that link…

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