Checking it out: QR code boarding passes

QR code boarding pass on Delta Airlines (photo by Sheila Scarborough)This is what my boarding pass looked like recently on a Delta flight;  a scannable QR code on my rather smudgy-screened Android phone.

Mobile check-in with Delta is available in 50+ airports around the world, including nine in Europe. The airline also has a Delta app that can do things like track your luggage on your phone….assuming you paid to check luggage.

When I went through the TSA security line and the boarding line at the gate, I made sure that I’d brought up this “eBoarding pass” on my phone from the email that Delta sent when I checked in online.

From the Delta website:

“You should have the barcode image available on the screen of your device when approaching the security checkpoint or boarding gate. Please ensure the entire barcode is visible on the screen and make certain the backlight is on when the barcode is being scanned. You should also have a valid government issued photo ID available for inspection at the Security Checkpoint.”

The agent will run it past a scanner that’s similar to the ones at grocery store check-outs.

Tip: I had my phone’s Battery Saver function on, but we found that it made the screen too dim for the scanner, so I had to bump it up to the next battery management setting.

Pretty slick, eh?

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