Practical Xmas Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Looking for a Christmas gift for the traveler in your life?

Want a practical gift that’s small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase?

But also a fun gift that will have them smiling all the way to the airport?

Here’s 6 Christmas stocking stuffers might just do the trick.


Designer Duct Tape

Smart travelers know that a roll of a duct tape is worth its weight in gold, capable of fixing and personalizing luggage, plugging up a sink, repairing books and hemlines, and even baby proofing a room.


Crumbled Maps


Crumbled maps can be folded or simply screwed up and stuffed into a pocket, backpack or carryon without damage. Guaranteed wrinkle resistant and waterproof, the crumpled map is the perfect companion who still prefers a real map to an App.



WiFi on a keychain


This little gadget is designed to make finding a WiFi hotspot a breeze.  Instead of wandering around, laptop at the ready, all you have to do is pull out the keychain and click the button to turn on the mobile signal locator.


A Gorillapod

Flexible and light, these mini tripods are perfect for both amateur and professional photographers. Able to be wrapped around any surface – fences, tree branches, wine bottles, and even arms – these rugged and highly flexible tripod making taking photos easy. And there’s even a ‘gorillamobile’ for iPhones.


Whimsical luggage tag

Add a little humor to your luggage with a whimsical luggage tag from Anne Taintor (left)  or Pamela Barsky (right) that might just entertain everyone from the luggage handler to your fellow travelers.


A gift of giving

Of course, some travelers may have already packed their bags and don’t want anything new. For them, the perfect gift might just be the gift of gift of giving through the Passports With Purpose.







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