Saturdays full of music in Eunice LA

If you’re ever near Eunice, Louisiana on a Saturday, you’re in for a jam-packed day of St. Landry Parish music if you know where to go….

In the morning, from 9 to 12, there’s an informal jam session at Savoy Music Center.

From their website:

“….we ask only one thing… Please, no more than ONE triangle player at a time. If you’re wondering how to find the music center, just look for thirty cars lined up Hwy. 190 between Eunice and Lawtell.

We are open for business, and admission is free, but a small box of boudin or cracklins would make you the most popular guy in there for about 2-3 minutes.”

For the uninitiated, boudin is Cajun-style sausage, and cracklins are deep-fried pork skins.

Here’s what the jam session is like (direct link to the video on YouTube if you can’t see the embed box below)

In the evening, from 6 to 7:30, it’s time for the Rendez-Vous des Cajuns weekly show at the historic Liberty Theater, also broadcast on FM 88.7 KRVS and Eunice’s own KEUN (AM 1490 and FM 105.5.)

There’s dancing at the Rendez-Vous, too, so go kick up your heels, cher.

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