BKK Must Eats: Salmon Mania Roll at Zen Cucina

Zen Cucina

It took me almost a year to finally take the minor financial plunge on sushi at Zen Cucina, which is located on the third floor of CentralWorld Plaza. I’ve been kicking myself ever since for the lost time, and the Salmon Mania Roll is a big reason why.

Zen Cucina, the upmarket spin-off of its sister Zen restaurants, certainly isn’t cheap, but in hindsight it’s also not unreasonable, especially if you can manage to limit yourself to just one or two rolls, which admittedly proves easier said than done. One bite of the soft, buttery salmon and you’re hooked, soon finding your stance of keeping the bill reasonable weakened to “I’ll just put it on my card.” There’s nothing wrong with a splurge every now and again though, right? This one’s well worth it.

The menu is huge, with standards included on every sushi menu as well as the exotic (marbled kobe beef sashimi) to the creative (baked rolls covered with cheese). The plain tuna maki rolls are fantastic: high-quality fish speaks for itself.

Whatever your order, though, be sure at least one Salmon Mania is included. Perfectly, lightly seared strips of salmon on the outside, with asparagus stalk slices and hunks of salmon tempura on the inside, finished with a drizzle of tangy, somewhat spicy sauce. Lord have mercy.

Zen Cucina is located at 4/1-4/2 CentralWorld Plaza, 3/F, Atrium Zone. +66 (0)2 613 1580-2. Open daily, 11am–10pm.

We could play the “Must-Eat Food in Bangkok” game every day for years and still have plenty of culinary fodder to feature. In that sense, the “BKK Must Eats” series will not be comprehensive, nor will it exclusively list dishes that are “the best” of anything (though it might, from time to time). The modest goal of this series is simply to spotlight, somewhat randomly, damned delicious dishes in Bangkok that I’ve indulged on many occasions, and that I recommend you indulge too.

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