Wardrobe Advice in the Wilderness

Last week, I paid a visit to Palm Springs, and its two and half mile long aerial tramway, upon which ride the world’s largest rotating tram cars.

The point isn’t just to combat vertigo and take in the the view, although I bet most people do that, but also to access Mount Saint Jacinto State Park and Wilderness, apparently the largest wilderness area in southern California.

It’s sure pretty up there.

But in reviewing my notes, I find two oddities.

First, every time I saw a poster listing the URL for the tramway, I thought of pastrami. (Do you see why?)

And second, after having pondered totally impractical footwear last week,  I felt very vindicated by the sound wardrobe advice in this sign, third line from the top:

I will immediately add this to my ever-growing file of evidence that travelers tend to find what they’re looking for.

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