Shoes Not Made For Walking, or The Strange and Wonderful Wardrobe of Daphne Guinness

Imagine packing a pair of these shoes like these for your next trip:

Daphne Guinness Shoes

Daphne Guinness would. This fashion icon, brewery heiress (yes, that Guinness), recent New Yorker profile subject has co-curated an exhibit of her wardrobe on display right now at The Museum at FIT in Manhattan. It’s an opportunity to contemplate clothing that is all very far removed from ordinary, much of it quite beautiful, and a few pieces that seems downright dangerous: a body suit spiked with nails, for instance.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the shoes pictured above — only one pair of several in the exhibit — have no heel, forcing the wearer to walk on her toes. Please insert a wince here, as you contemplate how much that has to  hurt.  And Guinness really does wear these — check out this Tumblr for the photographic evidence.

It’s sort of amazing to think of clothing purely as art, with all practical considerations totally taken out of the equation.

You can return to ponder this as much as you’d like, as this exceedingly well-done exhibit, at the fashion design school’s Chelsea campus, is free.  It on through January 7th, 2012.


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