And America’s Best Restroom is…

It’s official.

The results are in.

Chicago’s Field Museum’s restrooms are simply the best.

Beating out heavy competition – including the Presidential Luxury restroom trailer originally set up for President Obama during the 2009 inauguration – the Field Museum’s restrooms have been crowned America’s Best Restroom 2011.

This isn’t the first time these award-winning restrooms have been in the news. Back in 2000, they garnered a special recognition award for interior architecture in the annual Chicago design excellence awards.  At the time, the Field Museum was praised for it’s innovative thinking and willingness to spend extra money to renovate the restrooms into not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing places.

Painted brilliant blue, forest green, and shades of cream, the sleek, futuristic restrooms with celestial doomed ceilings are family-friendly, eco-friendly, durable, and easy to maintain  – key factors that helped them win the coveted America’s Best Restroom award.

The extremely colorful restroom at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel came in second, with it’s innovate red or blue water stream from the washbasin faucets.





And in third place were the restrooms at the  Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.



Now in it’s tenth year, the America’s Best Restroom contest is sponsored by restroom supply company Cintas. Each year nominations pour in from businesses, including restaurants, hotels and casinos across the United States.

Anyone interested in discovering more award winning restrooms should check out the hall of fame where each year’s winners and nominees are showcased.


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