Poetry Day Ireland

Poets have a good bit to say about travel.

Should you happen to be traveling anywhere in the island of Ireland on 6 October, you’ll have a chance to notice this: that’s marked this year as National Poetry Day in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. There will be many poetry readings, some in English. some in Irish, in bookstores, libraries, pubs, schools, community centers and other places from morning through evening. From Cork to Galway to Donegal. to Belfast, Down to Dublin to Kerry to Cavan to Meath, Ireland will celebrate the voices of its poets.

Some of these events will include music, as well, and some of them may be broadcast on internet or terrestrial radio. Poetry Ireland is a good resource for ongoing poetry related events and information, for Poetry Day and beyond.

Poets as travel writers? That’s a thought I’ve mentioned before here at Perceptive Travel. Songwriters, too. Follow the links to find out more.

image of Ireland courtesy of NASA

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