Alone does not mean lonely

Yellow curry at King of Thai Noodle, San FranciscoThis was my dinner last night at King of Thai Noodle in San Francisco – yellow curry with seafood, plus a small cucumber salad and a Tiger beer.

I ate it by myself, at a long bar-style table along the purple painted wall of the restaurant, after finding the place by standing out in the street near my hotel doing restaurant searches on my phone with Yelp and Foodspotting.

Awww, how sad, right?

Actually, it was one of the more pleasant meals I’ve had lately.

The waitstaff was smiling and friendly. The food (delicious!) arrived so quickly that I had no time to do a little project that I’d pulled out of my purse to work on. I was in my own little undisturbed bubble sitting on a bar chair, chowing down and making sure that I bit off the hard tails of the “shrimps” that the menu said were in my food.

Eating alone is one of my favorite things to do. Generally I have a magazine or something else to read, but if I’ve forgotten to bring it, I revel in the rare opportunity to simply focus on the food in front of me, without distractions.

There’s no need to feel awkward or self-conscious; if you are happy with your own company, then don’t worry about what others may be wondering about your solitary self. We spend so much time wishing for “peace and quiet” – dining alone can be just that.

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