Augmented Reality App ‘110 Stories’ puts the Twin Towers back in the picture

Ten years on, it’s still hard to get my head around the events of 9/11.  Watching the news from the other side of the world, my initial thought was this has to be some sort of mistake, a misguided ‘war of the worlds’ type scenario.  But sadly, it wasn’t. The unthinkable had happened – planes hijacked by terrorists had flown into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  In those moments life as we knew it changed forever.

Nothing will bring back the Twin Towers or the security we felt prior to 9/11.  But, thanks to augmented reality technology, native New Yorker Brian August has found a way to put the WTC Twin Towers back in the picture.

August’s 110 Stories App works within a 40 mile radius of the former Twin Towers site. Using radar, the App determines the direction the smartphone needs to be pointed.  By complying with the directions, the user sees not only an image of their immediate skyline but also a pencil-like drawing of the Twin Towers.

After taking a picture, the user is encouraged to upload the image or images to the 110 Stories website to share with the world with the hope of creating a repository of memories about the World Trade Center.

While the augmented reality component of the App is only of use for those in New York City, anyone around the world can access the pictures and stories and share in the memories via the 110 Stories website.

Eventually Brian August hopes to complement the cyberspace version of 110 Stories with public art installations featuring tower outlines placed in 110 prime viewing spots in the tri-state area from which one used easily see the iconic towers.


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