The September Issue of Perceptive Travel Webzine

The latest issue of Perceptive Travel webzine provides, yet again, great travel stories from around the world.

New Zealander Graham Reid takes The Track Less Traveled in Far North Queensland, Australia and along the way discovers an outback pub in the middle of nowhere.


In Tranquilandia Transformed in Colombia, Richard McColl heads well off the beaten path in Colombia and discovers that a region that once served as jungle prison camp and a center of coke production now makes a great adventure destination.


And in Voices & Choices When a Human Flies, Lisa TE Stone finds a hang gliding school in Chattanooga, Tennessee and overcomes fear to take to the skies.

This month’s World Music Reviews travels from Egypt to Ethiopia to Brooklyn barrio while the Travel Book Reviews focuses on Persian culture, historic travel, and dark tourism.


As for giveaways, this month it’s a multi-functional Timex WS4, a watch that clips onto your bag rather than your wrist.

It not only tells time – it also gives altitude readings, weather conditions and compass headings at a glance.

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