BKK Must Eats: Spicy Tuna Roll at Yaki Ten

Spicy Tuna Roll Yaki Ten

There’s no reason for the sushi to be as good as it is at Yaki Ten, an unassuming, somewhat faceless Japanese bistro located just south of Lumpini Park on Soi Langsuan. They aren’t known for their sushi–as far as I can tell, they’re not particularly known for anything–and with the sushi buried near the back of a menu that pulls no punches in its perfunctory inclusion of donburi, yakiniku, and other standard Japanese dishes, Yaki Ten treats its modest maki and nigiri offerings with indifference.

I assure you, however, that the maki rolls, especially the spicy tuna, are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. In fact, though I still think that Cape Town’s mall sushi is the best I’ve ever had, this spicy tuna roll, with its harmonious mix of finely minced tuna and green chile peppers, is the tastiest in Bangkok for under 300 baht.

Yaki Ten is located on Soi Langsuan, between Sois 6 and 7. Open daily from 5pm – midnight; closed on Sunday.

We could play the “Must-Eat Food in Bangkok” game every day for years and still have plenty of culinary fodder to feature. In that sense, the ongoing “BKK Must Eats” series doesn’t aim to be comprehensive, nor will it exclusively list dishes that are “the best” of anything (though it might, from time to time, as is this the case this week). The decidely modest goal of this series is to spotlight, somewhat randomly, damned delicious dishes in Bangkok that I’ve indulged on many occasions, and that I recommend you indulge too.

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Photo credit and copyright Brian Spencer

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