Music for late summer from Scotland’s Eddi Reader

The sparkling and fleeting moments of life, love as powerful magic, the costs of love not told, changes and more changes. learning to let go, loves found and joyous — these are all aspects of emotion Scottish singer and songwriter Eddi Reader takes on while living up to the title of her album Love Is the Way.

In recent years, Reader has been quite identified with her work singing the songs of Scottish national bard Robert Burns and reaching wide audiences with those projects. This recording, however, stakes out her place again as one of the best interpreters and creators of contemporary folk around. Folk with a strong dose of pop, sometimes, folk with thought provoking images and ideas wrapped in sing along melodies that fall easily on the ear, and folk illuminated by Reader’s conversational and graceful soprano.

It’s a good album for late summer summer, too. The opening track, Dragonflies, sets life’s turns and twists and connections in the passing flight of those summertime visitors, and the closing cut, I Wouldn’t Stand in Your Way, touchies on the bittersweet aspects of helping someone you love go off on their own, as in sending a child off to school, perhaps, or a school graduate out into the world.. Reader has said that she hopes listeners will “use this music to soundtrack life a little bit, to sing along with me.” The cuts are well suited for that, Other standout tracks include Roses, Never Going Back (Queen of Scots), and My Shining Star, but really, they’re all good and they all play off differing aspects of love, something always worth learning about, in whatever season.

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