BKK Must Eats: Salmon Agemusubi at Sukishi

Salmon Agemusubi

“Chain” isn’t always a dirty word in the Bangkok dining scene, especially at CentralWorld Plaza, home to over 100 restaurants and many of the city’s best chains, including Kuu, Chabuton, and Din Tai Fung, whose Hong Kong branch earned a Michelin star in 2010. Sukishi is another one worth checking out.

According to their menu, Sukishi’s Korean and Japanese fare “doesn’t just fill your stomach, [but also] provide warmth to your heart, and that is pure fun magical”. That’s mostly because of the hallucinogenic mushrooms used in many of their sauces. Kidding. The salmon agemusubi, however, has indeed brought pure fun magical warmth to my heart on many occasions.

This is basically a fried triangle of fried rice with salmon, topped with hunks of fresh salmon and sweet mayonnaise, and thoughtfully served with thin sheets of seaweed so you can pick it up without getting your fingers greasy. Perfectly crisped and an effective hangover antidote packed with protein, these are great for lunch (especially paired with salmon oshi sushi bricks, if you’re hungry) or for a big snack. The price is right, too, at just 80 baht for two pieces.

Okay, okay, it’s also really fucking rich and not exactly healthy, but those are facts to happily overlook and, once you take a few bites, ones you’ll be celebrating.

Must-eat food in Bangkok?

We could play this game every day for years and still have plenty of culinary fodder to feature. In that sense, the ongoing “BKK Must Eats” series certainly doesn’t aim to be comprehensive, nor will it exclusively list dishes that are “the best” of anything (though it might, from time to time). This series is decidely modest in that the one and only goal is to spotlight, somewhat randomly, damned delicious dishes in Bangkok that I’ve indulged on many occasions, and that I recommend you indulge too.

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