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Ever thought about what events may have happened in history on the streets and roads you travel every day? Perhaps you live in a place where history and heritage is very present — and perhaps you do not. Connection with land and landscape and those people who have come before is always present though, and it is not confined to museums. Consider, for instance, that I am writing this in a building that was built in the 1970s, on part of land that was once the farm fields of a Spanish mission in the 1700s, farmed by First Peoples who had, before the Spanish came, used it both as a place to grow crops and as a road between a two towns.

When I am in Ireland, I am often aware that history is walking right with me, whether I am in a site known for its historical connections or not. Quite true, and meant to be remembered, Ireland north and south are twenty first century countries vibrant with twenty first century life. Still, history is very present as well.

That connection with history is what is being noted during Heritage Week in Ireland, which will be marked this year from August 20th through August 28th. All sorts of activities will be on offer, from talks, walks, and musical performances to historical re enactments, museum days out, and other sorts of things to encourage both residents and visitors, children and adults alike, to consider, remember, and celebrate Ireland’s heritage and history.

Whether you will be in Ireland for this celebration or not, perhaps it’s a good moment to pause and reflect on the history all around you, wherever you may be.

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Heritage Week in Ireland

Update: Heritage Week Ireland is celebrated every year, and in 2016 it is also 20 through 28 August.

Other European countries celebrate heritage weeks as well, and you will find links to information about this at the Heritage Week Ireland site also.

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