Seattle’s Space Needle kicks off a new Space Race

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a trip into outer space but can’t afford the price tag – seats on the Virgin Galactic, after all, cost $200,000 – Seattle’s Space Needle might be able to help.

Next year, the iconic Space Needle turns 50. And to celebrate this momentous anniversary, they are planning on sending one lucky (and adventurous) person into outer space.

Partnering with Space Adventures, a private spaceflight company, they have created the multi-tiered Space Race 2012 contest.

Tier one involves keen space tourists entering the online sweepstakes at the Space Needle website by November 30th.

Then, in early December, a random draw of 1000 people will take place. The chosen 1000 will be asked to submit one-minute videos promoting why they should be the winning space traveler.

Public voting will then narrow down the number of entrants and from there, a panel will choose the winner.



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