Smell good without taking up room in your liquids bag

Miller Harris solid perfume (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

In the continuing search for carry-on packing tips and items that will get me around liquids restrictions, may I present….solid perfume.  This is the solid version of Miller Harris Geranium Bourbon and yes, I confess the name almost compelled me to buy it (but it smells good, too.)

I first found Miller-Harris fragrances in the famous Liberty of London store a few years ago, and heaven knows what I really paid for some small bottles, given the exchange rate.  You can find them now in the US at upscale stores like Neiman-Marcus – they are not cheap, but the unusual scent combinations are irresistible. When I found some solid perfume versions of their products, I knew they’d be perfect for travel.

The Karma solid perfume from LUSH is one of my favorites, too, but it is pretty distinctive so people either love it or, well, they hold their nose around you.

There are many alternatives to liquid toiletries, so don’t feel that you have to give up those little pleasant luxuries. Solid perfume lets you have your fragrance while making more room for, um, toothpaste.

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