Sights and sounds from the Big Island lava fields

Sometimes it’s hard to peer through the “vlog” (volcano fog) and the eye becomes numb after seeing miles of the same endless black lava, but there is still something strikingly beautiful about walking across some of the newest earth on Earth in Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

I was going to post about 23 seconds of video that demonstrates the weird sound you hear when walking across a lava field;  the crackling, crunchy sound of cinder-like hardened magma blobs that were born miles below your feet.  There were a couple of photos that had to get thrown in there, though, and a bit of music seemed appropriate, but the video below is still only about a minute.

It’s otherworldly, this new world being created as we watch it….but never remove any of the lava rocks, or goddess of fire Madame Pele will be very angry….

Direct link to the lava video on YouTube.

(Disclosure: I was on the Big Island courtesy of a Hawai’i Tourism Authority press trip. The guide they provided our group was Warren Costa of Native Guide Hawai’i – he was a treasure trove of history and stories.)

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