A Fridge Full of Books

If I had been anywhere else in the world, coming across a fridge full of books sitting in a vacant lot on a street corner would seem a little strange.

But in Christchurch, where, thanks to a series of destructive earthquakes, the concept of normal has been turned upside down and inside out over the past year, it doesn’t seem to be in the least bit strange.

In fact, it feels kind of reassuring to know that no matter what happens around Christchurch, the enthusiasm and creativeness of it’s residents remains.

Crammed full of pre-loved books, this glass-fronted fridge might just be the world’s smallest book exchange.

This ‘Think Differently Book Exchange‘, located  on the former Herbal Dispensary site on the corner of Kilmore and Barbadoes streets, is just one of a number of innovative temporary installations that have sprung up on vacant lots around the city, thanks to the work of the Gap Filler Arts Initiative.

It will stay there for the next three months, providing residents and visitors with the opportunity to browse, borrow, and exchange books .

(Photo credit:  Gap Filler)

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