Need local travel knowledge? Then Ask a Nomad

If you think that the only thing that travel insurance companies are interested in is selling you travel insurance, then you’ve obviously not come across

Sure they want to sell travel insurance.

But they also want to be an integral part of a traveler’s journey. Over the years, they have also created plenty of fun and interesting programs  – Travel Scholarships, Van-tastic Adventures, safety alerts, Footprints, language guides, and travel blogs – that not only help travelers but also give back to local communities.

And their latest creation – Ask a Nomad  iPad App – is no different.

This free iPad App is a great travel knowledge-sharing tool that draws on World Nomad’s existing community of travellers who already respond to questions from around the world via it’s website.

Want to find out where to get bubble tea in Sydney or how to rent an apartment in Paris or Prague?

There’s bound to be someone on ‘Ask a Nomad’ who can help you.

At the same time, browse already asked questions and answers by continent, country, city or suburb to learn more about places you are visiting or plan on visiting.

And just like twitter, Ask a Nomad stores your questions in a separate location for easy access. And you can favorite other questions for future reference.

All you have to do is download the App and then start asking.


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