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duke and duchess of cambridgrCanada Day, the first of July , is celebrated with even more enthusiasm than usual this year, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting Canada during their first official visit since their marriage on 29 April — a ceremony which millions of people around the globe enjoyed watching.

The Duke and Duchess will attend a concert in Ottawa on Canada Day, featuring a range of Canadian musicians, and it’s expected that musical events will feature in the other stops on their visit as they travel from Montreal to Prince Edward Island to the Northwest Territories to Calgary.

Care to check out some fine Canadian musicians yourself? Here are three ideas for a a soundtrack for your Canada Day celebrations:

Ian Tyson knows the range and ranch life of Canada’s west first hand. He knows music first hand as well. He brings both together in a way that catches moments and memories of the landscape, work, and people of the rocky mountain west. It is a cowboy music for today’s world. One place to hear this is his latest album, Yellowhead to Yellowstone.

ian tyson canada musician

The men of Le Vent du Nord draw from a different aspect of Canadian life and history for their music. They hail from Québec, where French is spoken more often than English and where the intermingling of French, Celtic, and English lives and history fuel a music that is wildly energetic on the one hand and offers lyrics that tell stories drawn from the past, on the other. La Part du Feu is a good place to feel this energy and hear these stories.

canada le vent du nord

Cape Breton at the northern tip of Atlantic Canada in Nova Scotia is the home to a music shaped by wind, water, forest, Scottish heritage, and its own unique place in the world. Natalie MacMaster uses her fiddle to speak of and to all of this, at times playing tunes that could come straight from the highlands of Scotland and at other times creating music that could be nothing but a twenty first century take on that heritage. Whichever sort of tune she is playing, once you’ve hear her you’ll know tis music could come from nowhere but Cape Breton. Listen to MacMaster’s way with music on her album Blueprint.

canada natalie macmaster

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