How Travel Bloggers Give Back with the Passports with Purpose


Held this year at Vancouver’s  stylish waterfront Convention Center, the annual two day TBEX Travel Bloggers Conference provided travel bloggers from around the world the chance to gather, to discuss, to network, and learn ways to expand as travel bloggers and writers.

There were plenty of workshops and panels to choose from, led by various well known travel bloggers, travel writers, and travel industry folks who happily share their expertise on everything from non-narrative and narrative travel writing to the realities of making money from blogging.

And as you can imagine, there was a lot of talking going on.

Everyone, it seems, had a story to tell.

Travel bloggers, after all,  are an enthusiastic and passionate lot when it comes to travel, blogging, and social networking.

But they are also a generous group interested in giving back to the world which they love to travel around.

Which is why, a few years ago, the Passports with Purpose initiative was set up by four Seattle based travel bloggers.

At the fun, cupcake filled  pre-TBEX meetup hosted by three of the four PwP founders, a small gathering learned exactly what we, as a travel blogging community, have managed to create, and to be encouraged to participate in the next PwP fundraiser that will be held towards the end of the year.

As a pre-TBEX event, the Passports with Purpose presentation was only seen by a few dozen bloggers.

Maybe next year, when TBEX heads to Keystone, Colorado, the Passports with Purpose team will be given time on stage to reach the larger audience.

(Disclaimer: The video was shot by the writer, using a hand held Flip Video camera)

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