A Year of Stories

A consideration of the healing power of the arts in Derry in Northern Ireland, previews of music festivals from Savannah in the US deep south to Stornoway in Scotland’s Western Isles to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, introductions to Irish musicians you may not have heard of, and bluegrass and Native American ones too, cookbooks that take you from the countryside of Ireland to the countryside of Oklahoma, a museum in Tallahassee and a library in Glasgow, the town of Saint Andrews and its connections to the royal wedding, eight songwriters inspired by the life of scientist Charles Darwin, Texas at Christmas and Indiana too, Kelvingrove Park in winter, a conversation with a legendary songwriter of the Canadian west, and thoughts on why you may want to include a book of poetry in your travel kit — it has been a year of stories since I came on board here at Perceptive Travel. Those are a few of the stories you have invited me to share with you. Here are links to several of my favorites you might have missed :

Song Journeys songwriters as travel writers

An Evening in Belfast along the Falls Road with songwriter Cathie Ryan

Singing of history and Home: Julie Fowlis you may not speak her language, but you will understand her songs

Touched by Robert Burns Scots reflect on the work of the ploughman poet through word and image

Ireland in winter land of legends

Bahrain and Scotland: a musical connection music, laughter, and creativity build bridges

I’m one of five writers here at Perceptive Travel. You’ve heard vivid reports and thoughtful reflections inspired by Thailand, France, Texas, New Zealand, New York, Montreal, and other places across the globe from Liz. Sheila, Alison, and Brian. Look around, look up their writing, look up places places you’ve been and places you’ve dreamed of going and places you’ve barely heard of — guaranteed, among the five of us we have plenty of each.

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