The ‘1 Thing’ worth doing in New Zealand

There’s so much to see and do in New Zealand that narrowing it down to just one thing would be impossible. But if you choose travelling the length of New Zealand from north to south on State Highway 1 as your one thing, that would definitely be something to write home about.

That’s exactly what ex-pat Bob Moore did. In his desire to learn more about his adopted country, he hopped in a car and drove State Highway 1 from tip of the north island to the bottom of the south. And at each stop along the way, he looked for the one thing that made that town stand out from all the others along SH1. It might be the local pub or niche museum. Or even a world famous public toilet. Whatever it was, Bob was determined to find out what it‘s ‘1 thing‘ was, much to the entertainment of the locals, many of whom must have shaken their heads wondering who this mad Englishman was.

You can read all about his adventures in his book The 1 Thing (A small epic journey down New Zealand’s mother road).  This highly entertaining and enlightening journey through New Zealand‘s heartlands reads like a series of postcards from a quirky travel friend. Bob’s uninhibited thoughts and conversations with locals meet along the way are interspersed with historic facts and entertaining attempts to transliterate town names.

The 1 Thing is a must read for anyone who’s contemplating, or even just dreaming of a road trip through New Zealand.


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