Segovia in one day

Only two hours northeast of Madrid by train, Segovia is often overlooked by travellers who daytrip instead to the more well known Toledo and Avilla. Bur for my money, Segovia is the place to go.

To start with, it’s less crowded than Toledo and Avilla. And after dealing with crowded streets of Madrid, this is a definite plus.

But it’s the ruins of the Roman Aquaduct that’s the main attraction.

An amazing feat of engineering, most likely built in the 1st Century (98-117 AD), the aquaduct is one of the most well preserved Roman structures in the world.

Then there is Alcazar, a fairytale castle that sits at the top of the city and is rumored to be the inspiration for Disneyland’s castle.

And for something truly unique (and disturbing) there is the Ancient Museum of Witchcraft.

Of course, along the way, there is also a Plaza Mayor, numerous churches, and an amazing cathedral to discover.

Segovia can easily be explored in one day. But to get an in depth view of this historic city, it would be worthwhile stay for at least a week. Next time I will. In fact, I’ve already chosen my hotel. Overlooking the Plaza Mayor, it’s just seems like the perfect place to stay.

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