I can’t go, but you could

Sad Panda (courtesy SevenLittleThings on Flickr CC)Sometimes, things don’t work out.

My trip to Jordan had to be canceled.  I was really looking forward to it, but some family issues have cropped up and my head is really not in the right place now for such a journey.

Still, one of the main reasons that I was going still stands; it was an amazing opportunity to visit a region that is currently in turbulence but offers the traveler unmatched experiences. I’m not foolhardy, but sometimes destinations are unfairly painted as unsafe, and visitors shun them based on false perceptions and emotion.

Where would I go right now (besides Jordan) if I could?

Let’s consider a couple of other “dangerous places for travel….”

Egypt.  Tourism is a lifeblood business for the country and they are struggling mightily. The post-revolution update on Frommer’s convinced me that although there may be a few more frustrations than usual, it’s safe to visit and I’d have a lot of the antiquities to myself.

Japan.  This is a tougher proposition. The radiation situation really seems to be getting dicier as time goes on, not calmer.  The reports are conflicting, critical problems have not been stabilized and I’m not always quite sure who to believe. Since I don’t happen to have radiation detectors and Geiger counters laying about in my suitcase so that I can judge conditions for myself, I would probably head south of Tokyo. There is plenty to see and enjoy in Japan that is nowhere near the zone of concern, including onsen/hot springs in Kyushu, Shikoku, the Fukuoka area and ironically, Nagasaki and its Atomic Bomb Museum.

Mexico. Border towns? Uh, no. Figure out a way to drop in on Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel in his current Mexpat home in lovely Guanajuato? Yes, please.

New Zealand. Post-earthquake, Christchurch is struggling but I’d still go in an instant to visit our PT Blog author Liz Lewis. After all, she found 21 reasons to visit New Zealand this year.

So, farewell for now to the Jordan idea, but there are certainly other places to keep on my travel radar.

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