Saint Patrick’s Day

A small country on the northwestern edge of Europe: perhaps it is a bit surprising that its emigrant sons and daughters have felt such strong connection back to Ireland that there are strands of Irish culture in places from Australia to Alaska, Irish pubs in Santiago and in Hong Kong, people singing Irish music in Texas and in Finland.

If your thoughts may be turning toward Ireland in this Saint Patrick’s week, here are several stories to go along:

The city of Derry has had its Troubles, and its reasons to celebrate
Derry: healing through the arts
A concert on the Falls Road, where many aspects of Irish music and Irish history are part of the conversation An Evening in Belfast
Ireland’s far northwest has a sound all its own The Music of Donegal
Irish music you may not have heard

siobhan armstrong 2 copyright kerry dexter

The photograph is of Siobhán Armstrong, who is playing a harp which is a replica of the medieval Trinity College harp, Ireland’s national emblem.
Photograph made with permission of the artist, and is copyrighted. Thank you for respecting this.

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