Blog4NZ to spotlight travel in New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand’s third largest city and my hometown may have been rocked by a massive earthquake causing loss of life and turning much of the central city and some outlying suburbs to rubble, but the rest of New Zealand remains in one piece and is still one of the most fun and beautiful places in the world to visit.

In other words, New Zealand is open and welcomes travelers to its shores, as these two articles, one from The Independent and the other from Planet D clearly indicate.

But not all travelers realize this. So a few NZ travel bloggers and industry insiders have set up Blog4NZ, a grassroots blogging and social media event, to spread the word that New Zealand not only wants, but needs to have travelers come visit.

During this three day event, planned for March 21-23, 2011, it is hoped that travel bloggers around the world will post articles on New Zealand travel.

According to Craig Martin, one of the Blog4NZ event organizers,

“We want a total black-out of travel content across the world, we want Twitter dominated by Tweets about travelling to New Zealand, we hope that all travel bloggers rally behind this cause and publish as many articles as possible throughout this period about traveling to New Zealand”

Sounds like they are hoping for a New Zealand travel blitzkrieg of the online world.

Want to join in?

Then head over to Blog4NZ to find out how.

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