The Fine Art of Healing at Croatia’s Museum of Broken Relationships.

Everyone reacts to a relationship breakup differently.

Very few, however, would get together with their ex and transform the breakup into a work of art.

But that’s just what artist Drazen Grubisic and film producer Olinka Vistica did.

 Unsure what to do with their treasured items such as the small white wind-up bunny that they had once dreamed of taking pictures of around the world, they jokingly thought about setting up a museum.

It was a pretty hare-brained idea that was initially cast aside but then revisited a few years later once the pain was eased.  And the idea grew and turned into a traveling show around Europe, featuring not only their own hopping bunny but also donations from broken up friends and others along the way.

From there, it was only a short jump to becoming the Museum of Broken Relationships.

In this Museum of Broken Relationships, every object tells a story.

Donated by the broken hearted around the world, they are displayed with captions that tell the full but,  of course, one sided stories.

Some are funny.

Some are delightfully vindictive.

Some are just sad.

The caption on a tin of Love Incense simply states ‘doesn’t work’. Written along side a pair of never worn suspenders ‘I never put them on. The relationship might have lasted longer if I had’. By the candy G-string, the comment ‘After four years, he turned out to be as cheap and shabby as his presents’. Then there’s the axe used to smash all the furniture and the innocent gnome hurled through the windscreen in a fit of rage.

They are all things that anyone who has had a broken heart (and who hasn’t) can relate to.

(image courtesy of the Museum of Broken Relationships)

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