Land of legends: Ireland in winter

In winter, Ireland takes on a character of quiet and mystical reserve even more than it has during flourishing days of summer or the unsettled weather of spring and autumn.

You catch a hint of this as daylight turns early to night in the cities and towns. Once you get beyond them into the countryside, though, the idea of Ireland as a land of legends becomes apparent in what you see around you every moment of every day.

cooley mountain mist2 copyright kerry dexter
pjs hearth eire copyright kerry dexter
mournes in winter2 copyright kerry dexter

If you would like to hear bit of music which arises from these landscapes and ideas, take a listen to these two very different but equally interesting recordings:
T with the Maggies
The Farthest Wave

These photographs were taken in Down and Louth by Kerry Dexter, and are copyrighted. Thank you for respecting this..

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