Winter through a musician’s eyes

The mystical moods of winter, both quiet and fiery, form the subject of Aine Minogue’s dvd project Winter: A Meditation. In collaboration with film maker Michael Yip she has created a program that both references winter legends and creates new tales.

winter snow berries

Minogue plays the harp. She is from Tipperary, in Ireland, and has long been based in New England. All that comes in to play in the still and video elements she chooses here, and in her music.. The opening track, A Winter Story, stands on its own as an enigmatic journey through landscape. It sets the scene for the ten pieces which follow, as well.

snowy road in trees

Noel Nouvelle evokes the Christmas season, and older thoughts of the significance of winter. That’s true of the other stories told here too, in both music and visual elements. The titles In Shadow’s Light, Between the Worlds, and Spirits of the World hint at that line of thought. The Jezebel Carol uses images of fire and water to suggest another side of winter, while Greensleeves brings back a touch of the holiday season. Ice and snow, fire and water, dancers, harps, fiddles, percussion, voice, and keyboards all work to share Minogue’s vision of, as she offers in the subtitle of the project, a visual and musical companion for the season of winter.

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